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Onsite & Remote IT Support

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NICT provides skilled IT network support services for desktops, servers, applications and other networking equipment. If your business relies heavily on IT infrastructure then it is important to engage an experienced IT network support company that delivers business grade computer support and advice.

Our experienced engineers resolve problems quickly and efficiently minimizing disruption to your business and improving productivity and system uptime. With our IT network support team of friendly engineers and knowledgeable consultants at your disposal, your confidence in your IT infrastructure will
grow exponentially.

We try to resolve 80% of the jobs logged remotely to reduce travel time, and more importantly, providing quick and efficient support minimizing downtime. As a dedicated team striving to help you achieve business efficiency, we have managed to carve amongst corporate clients of different sizes.

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A successful company profile with immense profit and better human resource utilization is greatly dependent on how you manage the available resources devising the optimum solution for your company. IT support companies can help a lot in this. However, whether to go for Onsite or Remote service depends a lot on the nature of the business. The one pro tip while choosing either onsite or remote support is to make sure that the support opted for aligns with the needs of your business. A comprehensive IT support can diminish a lot of problems in your company and boost performance.

If your company is associated with handling critical systems that involve higher chances of error, it is best to go for onsite support. The onsite IT support service providers will offer trained onsite technicians to best manage your needs most engagingly and reliably. It is like the utilization of a full-time resource. The major benefit of Onsite IT support is the reduction in response time that is particularly helpful for companies where swift action is the necessity.

Remote IT services are gaining popularity these days. With crucial management and robust collaborative management of resources, remote IT support can often solve millions of problems often faced in onsite functioning. Size and deployment amount are key factors to consider in remote IT services.

Network ICT offers premium Onsite and Remote IT Support in UAE at affordable prices. Every organization is unique and so are its demands. Network ICT excels at transforming your experience with the best custom-made digital solution pans for your company. Network ICT has the best experts for providing Onsite and Remote IT support in the UAE. So, save your effort, precious time, and money by availing of Onsite and Remote IT support in UAE from Network ICT.

What is onsite support?

They are an expert team that can provide help in solving problems regarding a company’s IT requirements. It is sort of a full-time support team that can look into IT problems and solves them then and there. It is usually a team led under the expert guidance of an engineer.

How much does remote IT support cost?

Remote IT support and remote maintenance services cost something around $100-$400 per month. On the other hand, helpdesk services and various desktop management services cost somewhere around $60-$85 per workstation in a month.

What is remote technical support?

Remote technical support indicates the use of various remote support tools. With the use of these tools, an IT export or technician can control the computer remotely which means being physically away from it and also analyse and solve multiple problems associated with the network or computer.

Why is onsite important?

Onsite is important because it is far easier to work and communicate when the person is right next to you rather than being dependent on any kind of telecommunication mode. Many people precisely prefer onsite tech support because they believe the gs can be far better handles when the technician or support person is physically right next to the problem.

What is the difference between onsite and offsite?

Onsite IT support memes that the support person will physically visit you and offer the technical help, assistance, and service at the spot. This is precisely helpful when the user is a novice and has no clue to fix things by themselves even when instructed over the telephone or other communication modes.

Offsite support means the technician will deal with your problem while he is away from the device. This is also termed online support or virtual support. The support personal usually makes use of special software and tools by which they can access the client’s device to solve problems even while being physically away from it.